Portfolio Management

We offer wealth management services to individuals, trustees and business's, specifically designed around their individual circumstances. We know that our real value to you is the time and expertise that we invest in understanding your needs and finding the right solutions to meet these. That is one reason why we use external partners to deliver some of the services we provide, meaning not only can we access their expertise and scale, but also it allows us to spend more time with you.

For all your financial planning requirements we will always undertake a thorough review of the whole of the market to ensure that that any recommendations we make, whether it be for life assurance, a pension or an annuity for example, provides the best value to you at that time.

For managing your money we choose to outsource the selection and monitoring of the fund managers to an external investment business, OBSR/IBBOTSON.

The size and complexity of the fund management industry is so great that it is almost impossible to be able to carry out the necessary research and due diligence internally - the time and effort required would mean that our advisers would have no time to see our clients either.

OBSR/IBBOTSON are free to choose any investment manager from any investment management firm anywhere in the world. They are responsible for selecting the range of funds available to you and your adviser. Burgess & Lee Ltd will also regularly meet to review performance for each investment manager.

To ensure that the service we deliver to clients is constantly at the highest standards, Burgess & Lee Ltd also use external parties to enhance their research and investment proposition. Old Broad Street Research, the leading analyst and actuarial consultancy, provide additional fund research and due diligence services for Burgess & Lee to bolster the portfolio construction process.

Burgess & Lee's range of investment portfolios and funds are built around our risk-profiling software which your adviser will discuss with you at your initial meeting. By having the investment range aligned with our software, it means you can be confident that your portfolio is managed continuously against your attitude to risk. This approach further highlights the importance of ongoing meetings and reviews to ensure that your portfolios do not fall outside your acceptable levels of risk.

This means that you get the benefit of bespoke investment management across a totally unfettered universe of funds, whilst also retaining the close relationship with your adviser who can concentrate on your needs and objectives.

Risk-Targeted Portfolios

Burgess & Lee operate five portfolios that have been specifically created for our clients to match a range of investment risk profiles and objectives agreed between us as part of your overall financial plan. These portfolios will be monitored so that at least once each quarter, they are re-balanced to maintain your acceptable risk profile.


A highly conservative portfolio to investors who are highly risk averse, it offers relative stability of capital through a portfolio of low risks, low return investments which also provide some income. Fluctuations in portfolio values are minor and the investment time horizon is 3 years minimum.


This would suit clients with a slightly higher risk tolerance who are looking for a modest capital appreciation as well as income over and investment time horizon of 5 years or longer. Small annual fluctuations in the value of the portfolios can normally be expected.


Designed for clients with a moderate capacity for risk and an investment time horizon of 7 years or more who are aiming to to preserve the purchasing power of their capital over the investment term and take returns beyond that threshold as a stable source of income. Portfolio value fluctuations are generally less than that seen in stock markets.


Best suited to investors with no current need for portfolio income and investment horizons of 10 years or more. Carrying a higher level of risk, the portfolio has potential to generate above average growth with fluctuations in value year on year, which may make sudden requirement to draw on the investment capital undesirable at times of market stress.


Investors in this portfolio must have a capacity for risk which permits them to weather prolonged periods of stressed capital values in return for higher long term return target. These are typically not achievable for investment time horizons under 15 years. No current income is provided as the focus is entirely on high growth.


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